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holla day

holla day
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This background is part of our seamsational double wide series and available in only our Tech-Style (textile) Wrinkle resistant, glare resistant, water resistant, tear resistant, in our material 10'x7' size.

Our seamsational backgrounds are a temporarily being offered only in brand new designs and only for this size. Our designers are working hard to create more unique and special designs for this series. The special introductory price of $398.99 is valid for a limited time. There are no coupons or other discounts available on the seamsational double wide series. Order one today you will love it.


There is a very small seam in the middle area of these backgrounds, but the seam is nearly invisible. The seam is chemically bonded and secured. The seam is so invisible that you don't even need to retouch it out.  The fabric is overlapped and the pattern is not disturbed and here in this HD video you cannot even find it.  



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