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Serendipity Backgrounds are available in multiple sizes and in two different materials.

Canvas - Traditional Canvas

Tech-Style - Textile Fabric <--- See The Videos Below for demonstration and explanation.

Tech-Style material is our newest addition to our product line. It's a high tech textile that is wrinkle resistant, glare resistant, tear resistant, water resistant, and light weight. Please see our videos below.

Our small size 44"x60" backgrounds are the most versatile, easy to use, affordable and photographer favorite are made from a very durable textile product. This small size might sound limiting to you,but you can shoot a lot of subjects up close and even full length on these small size drops. Yes you can not photograph a high school senior full length standing,but you can photograph them sitting,squatting,on a prop,and much many more full length poses that are usually more sale-able than a full length standing pose. These backgrounds are a creative storage solution and you can store 30-40 backgrounds in less than 4 cubic feet of storage space! Please see some of our video's posted on our features page or our Facebook page to see them in use.

Our Canvas backgrounds are available in only one size and it is a large 60x76 wide. These are a traditional canvas material and real canvas just like when you order canvas from most photo labs. They offer extreme durability at a great price.

All of our backgrounds are virtually glare free. Our matte surface materials are easy to photograph on and work great with virtually any lighting style and even work great with colored gels.

Tech-Style Description Videos


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